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Since 2011, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has been running an article about Zombie Apocalypse and preparedness for the same. Yes, Z-o-m-b-i-e-s!! Those freaky, dry skinned, chafing, brain-eating creatures that you see on some of your favorite movies.

We decided to make this video for several reasons. Firstly, we wanted to share a hilarious moment with our unusually motivated® readers. Who wouldn’t want to see a real-life zombie anyway? Again, it gets funnier when such a show is being ran by the CDC! What a weird analogy! Secondly, we cannot undermine the need for and the significance of emergency preparedness. Therefore, by way of backdrop, we wanted to learn more about what the CDC says about preparedness for a Zombie Apocalypse from the mind of a 9-year old. Yes! This is a must-watch!

As you might know, the CDC has a variety of functions that include, but are not limited to, emergency operations, state & local readiness/preparedness for emergencies (pandemics, disaster, and the like), and safeguarding research. However, in their article, the CDC has gotten a “bit(e)” serious about the Zombie pandemic and, in addition to guidance and tips about how to handle a zombie scenario, goes ahead to provide a list of items you must have in preparedness for survival.

As we realized during the making of our video, the CDC appears to have done a pretty good job in driving the point home because my 9-year old nephew, who had seen similar information on a Wikipedia page earlier, was able to remember that list from memory.

Before we dig in, all the conspiracy theorists reading this blog will recall Raccoon City from Resident Evil. With the current pandemic in your mind, if you take the word raccoon and twist it a bit, you could end up with corona. With all those zombies in Raccoon City, you could expect anything! Well, we are not conspiracists at Miletti Law, but who knows if some crazy boffins’ are manufacturing a ‘zombie strain’ in a lab somewhere!

Usually, when dealing with emergency preparedness, the CDC likes doing two things that include (1) mobilizing the youth, and (2) mobilizing emergency centers. When it comes to mobilizing the youth, our brilliant kid says that the news should do all the work of educating the population about how to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. Well, for him, the CDC should probably have children attend fairs, create posters, and do other things to keep them preoccupied while the media does all the work.

Regarding the second one, the CDC likes setting up emergency stations or locations and information facilities. However, our kid thinks that the CDC should also build watchtowers and install guns. What a smart idea from a 9-year old! Yes, we’d definitely need to watch out for, shoot, and kill lots of zombies! Yes, it would be tricky because some of the zombies would be our walking-dead moms and dads, but in the end, it’s all about survival.

Regarding the list of items one would need to survive, the kid agrees that we should take sealed water, canned food, and band aids in case a zombie bites us. From the movies, you automatically turn into a zombie when bitten, and that is why the kid is adamant on amputating his or her hand or leg if that happens. At Miletti Law, we’d probably keep our hands and legs and take our chances. For the canned foods, the kid would go for Chef Boyardee and some peas, but not lox.

Next, the CDC also mobilizes government agencies and offices to carry out preparedness-related activities. If he were the Mayor of the city, our kid says that he’d build a wall to lock out the zombies and send out armed men to look for survivors within the city. Funny enough, the kid would also get as many knives and axes as possible for killing zombies. If he were the Chief of Police, most efforts would be focused on looking for more survivors, getting more supplies, and killing the zombies.

During a Zombie Apocalypse, as the kid says, the transportation system, highways, and the road infrastructure would probably be broken down and, thus, not much can be done about that, except maintaining some pathways. Still, there wouldn’t be much to do when it comes to the sewerage system, but, as our kid says, we’d need to do more to survive, like getting as much water as possible. This includes LED lighting and two-way radios. However, the kid believes that things like board games would probably be a secondary need and, thus, unnecessary during the apocalypse.

Next, assuming that our good doctors and faithful scientists found a ‘cure’ for the zombie infection, we asked the kid about what he’d do to bring the town back on its feet. Interestingly, the kid would first revive power plants in order to get things rolling and install big light beacons to let people know that the city is safe again.

In a nutshell, while the CDC has apparently been planning for a Zombie Apocalypse since 2011, our kid finds it ironic that the CDC has included things like deeds, birth certificates, and passports as part of the survival pack. Not so sure this makes sense… I mean… what good would a backpack full of deeds and passports do you, when zombies are chasing and scrambling for your brains? Instead, it’s common sense that an automatic rifle and several shot guns would likely provide more added value, do the trick, making it more likely that  you might just live to see another zombie-free day!

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