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While we are still the authoritative force in Employment Law, it only seemed right to introduce one of the many upcoming series in which we remain persistent in introducing a variety of topics, which will look to not only educate but also deliver in a sense that only Miletti Law® can. In this regard, this blog introduces you to our video titled “Miletti Law – Miletti On Politics – Part 1: Introduction” and a fresh, new series on Politics. Undoubtedly, the Miletti Law® team, including me, the Legal Writer & Author, shares and works towards achieving the mission and vision of Miletti Law®. As you would expect, we also share and agree with the political sentiments held by Vinny Miletti in this video. All this is authored and integrated as part of the operational model of the firm.

That being said, let us try to decipher this!

For starters, Vinny is the image of Miletti Law® and, so do his views, stance, and position regarding political matters. While “law” and “politics” could be half-brothers, Vinny’s political view, which he shares in this video, is crystal clear. If you have ever listened to Vinny speaking, you know how outspoken and candid he is, especially when tackling controversial issues most people are afraid of. Well, he speaks a ton of words in a minute – you all know what I mean, but his level of sobriety is definitely unmatched. That is the spirit of an aggressive and chronic libertarian.

No one can underestimate the power in the voice of an individual. At Miletti Law®, voice gives us the power to speak for or against, share information, and provide legal services to our clients under different contexts. For this reason, we share in Vinny’s belief that, regarding the Bill of Rights, the freedom of ‘Speech” (including the freedom of “Expression”) you are entitled to and enjoy as an individual is the most important and vital right. Essentially, personal freedom advances you as a person in society, irrespective of whether you are a sociable human being or not. In consideration of your morals, ethics, and principles in life, personal freedom is critical when it comes to relating with others and forming relationships, toiling to put that bread on the table, and dealing with issues that you face every day. This means that personal freedom, whether yours or that of others, should be protected and defended zealously, as long as no one is unreasonably hurt in the process.

Politics in America is a composition of the good and the bad. Therefore, you will be forced to come to terms with the risks that come with speaking against the bad, the filth, and the rotten in society. We can agree with Vinny, a faithful believer of personal freedoms, in the individual liberty and autonomy of collectively exercising four types of freedoms – the freedom to try, the freedom to buy, the freedom to win, and the freedom to lose. As such, Vinny advises against cherry-picking things and putting on shows to look good to those who commit atrocities against society because people often lose their integrity and principle of personal freedom. After all, life is not a bed of roses even if you are good to everyone and in every situation. Personal freedom comes at a price, and, therefore, you must be willing to take risks for the greater good.

Going back in time, let us consider the 2001 USA Patriot Act that caused a nationwide public outcry. When the bill for this Act was proposed and later passed into law, a section of the public, including the political left, was up in arms saying that it was infringing on people’s rights. On the contrary, the political right argued that it was the greatest weapon we needed to fight terror and terrorists. From the video, you will notice that Vinny was not a proponent of this Act because there is a mechanism in place to deal with terrorist and terror attacks, which does not require warrantless wiretaps unless in very rare emergencies.

In this regard, Miletti Law®, as a law firm, is founded on the pillar of freedom. The virtue of individual liberty is the fabric upon which the firm’s business model is framed. Here, we vehemently protect people’s freedoms, rights, and liberties. True to this, Miletti Law® has been, always spearheaded by Vinny, on the forefront in speaking for New Yorkers and beyond and providing them with legal and moral support when oppressed by tyrannical mask and vaccine mandates, nationwide shutdowns and restrictions, and curfews put in place by a tyrannical government in the name of control. Worse, Trump seemed to cow under pressure and failed to make a solid move or stand in the way and shield business and people from the setbacks of the 2020 scamndemic nightmare. Everyone knows that the whole situation was a disaster to most citizens, businesses, and the American economy as a whole. To this date, New York City is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic.

As such, Vinny acknowledges that aggressive libertarians like him acknowledge that they are imperfect under their creator and make mistakes when dealing with life issues and others. However, they also understand that people are rational and intelligent – well, definitely not always rational and certainly not all people share enjoy such intelligence. – and as rational and intelligent individuals, they are to make rational and intelligent decisions under the rubric of freedoms and rights. However, a people without such freedoms and rights cannot thrive as a functioning and tranquil society. There can only be a never-ending nanny state that controls and dictates how people live and conduct businesses. Unfortunately, this is unsustainable from an economic and political perspective and deprives you of your individualism and free autonomy that plays a role in developing who you ought to be in life and how you want to live. In the end, everything culminates back into the importance of personal freedom, especially the freedom of speech and expression.

In a nutshell, Miletti Law®, from the onset, has always been about freedom under all aspects and contexts. With freedom at its heart and as the overarching principle, the firm always supports regulations, mandates, and directives that promote and pursue more of personal freedoms. With most people being rational and intelligent, personal freedom is the ultimate ideal about being an American. No doubt freedom came as the first amendment under the Bill of Rights, which makes us stand out among all other nations of the word.

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In the meantime, stay tuned for Part II of this series, and enjoy your personal freedom while it lasts. In the interim, if there are any questions or comments, please let us know at the Contact Us page!

Always rising above the bar,

Isaac T.,

Legal Writer & Author.