Abortion, which is an all-time hot-button issue, and American politics are an inseparable pair. In June 2022, the United States Supreme Court made a landmark ruling, where, while it overturned Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973), the legal battle concerning the right to abortion was shifted to the states. In fact, abortion rights have become a dominant issue in American politics and may even influence future outcomes in elections. Well, while the issue regarding the influence of the abortion debate on American politics is not important in this blog, the discussion is most likely to upset many readers and friends who are inclined to the right wing. Nonetheless, irrespective of one’s political affiliations, the blog is simply part of our usual content-creation routine.

From a personal point of view, Vinny contends that the government should have zero say and input in either the direction you should take or what to do with your should-be baby or child. Period! By way of backdrop, Vinny is God-fearing, and while he discloses that he is a Roman Catholic, he has a very unique way of not only thinking, but of doing things that other people do and think to be obvious, such as not challenging God in any way. Who prays not to be successful and live for 150 years, but to go out quick and not trouble those around him when his time comes and if that ever comes? Only Vinny – after all, he is a fiscally conservative pro-business libertarian.

According to Vinny, the government should not have any right whatsoever to tell you what to do with your body. Whether at the embryonic or fetal stage, yes, it is understandable that that child has a heartbeat. However, the implications of permitting you to have an abortion versus the implications of being able to determine what you can and cannot do to preserve the life of the child lean towards being pro-abortion just because it gets the government out of the way.

It is crucial to consider the mentality that whatever gets the government regulation, power, and intrusion out of your lane is better. Irrespective of your religious affiliation and beliefs, it’s a tremendous decision that tests your morals and ethics if you ever decide to have an abortion. If you wake up one morning and, oh snap, I’m pregnant, OK, and then decide that you do not want the baby and, therefore, are going to terminate it through abortion, then it is very likely you have a bigger issue of concern that led you to make such a choice other than just the idea that abortion is a way out of the predicament.

It might sound stupid to say, but whether you should ever have to answer to anyone or someone, then it should be God. And you will probably have to answer someday. Forget the ideology and fear within the American population that if you have a lot of formal education, you cannot be religious and God-fearing because you must know all the answers to every aspect of life.

Most people can agree that even if you have had consensual sex with your partner and you are all fully enjoying and being stupid with everything, the way you feel about the possibility of having a kid is not the same as the attachment someone else, particularly those inclined towards the pro-life debate, has for their child somewhere. Whether you want to keep the pregnancy or not should be your autonomous decision – free will to think and act on your own terms without the direction or influence of external factors.

From a personal point of view, the government has no reason to influence or direct your decision and take any steps to preserve the life of the child because, although it may sound shallow to most people, if you do not want a kid, then you do not want a kid. Being forced to have it by the government by being prevented from having an abortion is not going to make you like that kid or have an attachment with it as a parent. You will probably even unintentionally develop a resentment towards it. If you hate that kid, then you will most likely neglect and not love it. In the end, the kid will have a terrible life, which is worse than not having to have been born at all.

Whether you want to keep or kill it, it is a very personal question and decision for you, as the one carrying the pregnancy, to ask and decide, then between you and your spouse if they exist in the picture, and between you and God. On the contrary, it should not be a question between you and the government or between you and a judge. Probably, it should also be between you and a doctor as you work out the best method to procure an abortion and such medical matters. However, you should have already come up with a decision first.

In a nutshell, Vinny would be pro-abortion since it gets the government and its power, influence, and intrusion into your private life out of the way. This aligns with Miletti Law’s mantra that whatever rule increases and promotes your freedom and reduces restriction is the preferred rule. The government has no right to your bedroom!

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