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As the authoritative force in Employment Law, we are thrilled to continue creating content-filled videos that cover diverse areas of Labor Law to educate and deliver in a sense that only Miletti Law® can. In this regard, this blog introduces you to yet another enlightening and expository video titled “Sale of Fake Vaccine Cards; A Tale Of Government-Induced Crime.” By way of backdrop, the video is a critical and unapologetic response to an article about Long Island nurses who have been accused of selling fake vaccination cards and public comments regarding this matter on Twitter. In what he refers to as a rant himself, this video is one of the many occasions when Mr. Vinny Esq. disentangles a controversial issue, disapproves of everyone’s perception and thinking, and opens many a people’s eye and mind to the facts of the matter. When you read this blog or view the video it has been adapted from, you may disagree with us, but alas, we are from Brooklyn, NY, and do not entertain stupid and nonsensical politics. Not even once!

Without further ado, let us get down to it.

For starters, if you have been following our blogs and videos or interacted with Mr. Vinny Esq., you are aware of his kind of politics, a fountain of plucky sobriety and daunting truth we all draw from. The issue of fake vaccine cards, in its literal sense, is not of much concern to us because the whole debate revolving around them is just another way of propagating and promulgating more of the controversy surrounding the scamdemic. Such is among the list of issues that led misguided souls like de Blasio, Cuomo, and Hochul to believe that we have a 99% compliance rate while, in reality, things have been very different on the ground where their eyes and ears have never reached.

It is known that many Americans have been buying fake vaccine cards, which places the compliance rate at a bare 40%. It is also no secret that when they buy these fake cards, they add a few more tens for their friends, lovers, and families. Anyone who cares about the rule of ten, which is typical protocol in boroughs like Brooklyn, knows that we are right about this one! For instance, you can all relate to the case of Jasmine Clifford, aka “AntiVaxMomma,” who was accused of selling hundreds of fake vaccination cards. While law enforcers allegedly knew about her even before the story went viral, some of her merchandise allegedly ended up with front-line workers, including hospital and nursing home employees.

Taking a short trip back to history when the Soviet Union fell in the 90s, we experienced torrents of immigrants and refugees who arrived with a masterful art of forgery and counterfeiting. These guys were so good with forged documents, and business was booming because it was impossible to roam from town to town without “proper” documentation. Frankly, it was almost impossible to differentiate between a forged and an authentic document. In fact, Vinny remembers buying a driver’s license that was artistically & unsuspectingly created using colored pencils, which was just one of the many things these guys had learned to do as part of survival back in the soviet union.

While we do not support the sale of fake vaccination cards, we are disheartened by the comments people have made in response to this matter. Savages, animals, and disgusting creatures are just but a few of the insults! No! They are not! Let us face the truth; you know what is disgusting – that these people and millions of others have been forced to choose between being injected, against bodily integrity and morality, with a drug with known specific risks and being able to work and provide food and other basic needs for themselves and their families. Now that is a proper definition of disgusting!!!

To make matters worse, the people that come out there can only make purely nonsensical & ridiculous comments such as “you do not have to,” “you are not obligated to,” or “you can always leave the job.” Lol…You know what – the entire city is doing this, and so if they want to leave the state they can, but who can leave the state anyway? Well, think about how ironic and absurd it is when one finds it OK to tell people to leave the state but forget that it is almost impossible to get people to hit the gym or exercise routinely (running, jogging, cycling, or walking a mile or two a day), eat less junky food, and get on a diet to promote their physical, psychological, and mental health. Now that is the bone of contention.

If we ask why we need a COVID-19 vaccine, you may think we are a deranged bunch of fellows. But think about it – Vinny himself has gotten COVID-19 twice, or who knows even thrice. At one time or the other, everyone has been surrounded and interacted with people with COVID right on the face but was never infected. Others here have had it twice, and apart from a few sneezes, it was just another day at work. Why – because we have learned the importance of keeping your body fit and healthy by hitting the gym, eating less food, and adhering to healthy diets. Just maybe…just maybe, that is all that is needed to fight the COVID-19 crisis and not some experimental vaccine with well-known side effects and risks. How reasonable then is it to call those nurses savages and implore them to leave their jobs for refusing the jab? Some jerks have even gone ahead to blackmail employees that they would no longer be allowed to work in their facilities, they would hurt their father, mother, brother, and sister for being unvaccinated, that they would be blacklisted, and that their families would know that they have been blacklisted. How insane!!

We are happy for those 1.5 million because, whether having fake or authentic vaccination cards, they got jobs but, sadly, which they could lose since that is how it is in this damned city. In fact, it is the city that has created this kind of “crime” as you would perceive it. Let us learn from history – something as simple as the prohibition from drinking a little bit of liquor is essentially attributable to the rise of mafia and organized crime in the United States. From the lessons learned and tables turned, those in government positions should know that their future and that of the city are doomed if they keep pushing and doing things like this to citizens. The majority of the American people are tolerant, enduring, and will do anything to avoid and get away from conflict, but everyone has a breaking point. One day, when people get tired and declare that enough is enough, woe unto those who will be on the wrong side of history!

In his own words, Vinny promises that when people go up in arms, he and the firm will be there to defend every single one of the common people the government cohorts have always trampled on. Whether the people will violently attack a government official or engage in something dangerous they should not have had a moron or an idiot in Congress not pushed them to their breaking point, Vinny will be there to defend them and turn Miletti Law® upside down in defense of the people. Should anyone of these people make a call to the firm for defense, Mr. Vinny Esq. will overturn everything to defend them because the wimps in government have to pay for the fear, anxiety, pain, and suffering they have caused the people in the name of leadership and doing what is best for Americans. We pray that it may come back to these government cohorts in tenfold and suffer as they have made the people to because that is what they deserve.

The firm does not provide free services, but rest assured that Vinny knows his thing. While we are proud of them and indeed assert “good for them,” these girls have $1.5 million worth of funding and would have plenty leftovers by the time Vinny is done defending them. Remember, stupid lawyers play stupid games and win stupid prizes. Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of people who have never been vaccinated with fake vaccination cards, and no one is spreading anything and killing everyone, which is why we shall continue slapping the government cohorts and wimps in the face whenever they cause a crisis for nothing.

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